Exterior Painting

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    Exterior Painting

    Outdoor Painting has a wider range of exterior surfaces like Clapboard, wood Shingles, aluminum siding, concrete block, tar shingles, cedar shakes, brick, stucco, and old paint. Best Paints are obtained in either water-diminished or solvent-diminished and Glossy. Exterior Paints are also known as elastomeric (wall coatings), textured coatings, and exterior wall coverings. They are intended to reproduce ordinary house paint,and we are Trusted Painters & Painting Service in Bangalore. They are designed to outlast masonry paint many times hence we provide Qualified Exterior Painting Services. Exterior Texture Painting


    Pre Painting Process

    We will check the surface before we begin to paint. We start with removing all light fixtures and decorative items, electric lanes and covering immovables like air conditioning units.. Professional Painting Services in Bangalore Verify whether there is no leakage or cracks on the walls, If we find any we will rectify them in the crack filling process and allow them to dry. Complete all the plastering process for external walls and start painting from the top wall. We will be ready with all the staging requirements and avoid transferring materials during painting.

    Surface Preparation

    Abstain from painting on wet walls and make sure the walls are fully dried Ensure the wall had adequate relieving time. (35 - 50 days) .We will verify the openings of waste lines and framework holes are filled. Make sure to cover the entryways and windows to stay away from paint splatter all over them. Figure out what surface of the area to paint choosing Best Paints for Walls. Because different surfaces need different types of paints. Also, the surface gives us an understanding with respect to the kind of exterior paint that we should buy the best paint for a particular surface.

    Let’s Paint

    Professional Home Painters and Wall Painting Services in Bangalore will begin to paint from top to bottom and then we will go with the first coat of paint once done with the painting. Allow it to dry for 10 to 12 hours. Now we will apply a second coat and will allow drying for about 24 hours. post the second coat is dried, if required we will apply another coat on it. Exterior paints have durable, consistent, and protect from high weather conditions. Thus, a minimum of 2 coats of paint will be applied. The paint color for external is especially important as the exterior environment affects the overlook of the house. When we are applying high-quality paint. We should finish it properly only then the durability will last for many years Exterior Wall Primer – we will apply one layer of suggested exterior wall primer. Paint – we will apply 2 layers of paint and Permit 10-12 hours of time between the coats.

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