1Who are Best Painters?
We provide the best painting services. We paint your home or office in the easiest way and with modern innovative technics. We have top engineers who will streamline the painting process and make your spaces look beautiful. The best painter provides high-quality services with the ideal cost.
2What are the types of painting services you offer?
We provide over all services for INTERIOR PAINTING, EXTERIOR PAINTING, WOOD PAINTING, METAL PAINTING, WATERPROOFING, STENCILS, TEXTURE AND CLEANING.You can choose any designs, the same we will paint in your walls.
3Best painters are available in which regions?
Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata.
4Is there working hours for the painters?
Our painters will work minimum for 7 hours (10am to 5pm). But if work demands, our painters do not mind extending working hours.
5How long will you take to finish the project?
Once after you raise for a quotation, we will update you the free quote within two working days. Post acceptance of the quote, we will begin to paint within 3 weeks. Every project may vary based on the services you need. We acquire time based on the scope of the project and the size. Our painters constantly work efficiently and quickly as possible. We always feel happy to work based on your schedule.
6What type of paint do you use?
We use Sherwin-Williams products which is less odour and quick drying. We also have our own materials which includes premium paint.
7What are the paint finish available?
The paints are available in Rich Matte, Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, High Gloss, and Super Sheen.
8What is the standard procedure of painting a new house?
First, we will begin with one coat of primer and then 2 – 3 coats of putty, and next one coat of primer and last the paint application.
9Before you start painting, what all should we take care of?
We will check the surface abnormalities, openings, dents, breaks, parasite development etc. We will rectify all these before we begin to paint. Whenever that is cleared, we are all set for sanding and surfacing.
10Post inquiry what’s next?
Our customer support team will contact you within a day and take an appointment for inspection as per your availability.