Interior Painting

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    Interior Painting

    Painting the surface of a wall, we can just change the complete look of a room or your entire home just by using Best paint. Interior house painting is the most cost-effective and the quickest, New decorative painting of a room can be more impressive when compared to a brand-new carpet or furniture as we are Professional Painting Services in Bangalore. Interior paints are available for each conceivable surface. Modern paint innovation and wall painting ideas has taken a great deal of the danger out of picking the best proper paint. Formulas for "latex paints” have been improved to withstand Dirt, daily wear and tear, and moisture, they are as durable and washable as the old oil paints.


    Pre Painting Process

    We will check the surface for any spillage or suddenness, if we find any such issues we will rectify them before beginning to paint and Permit them to dry It should be treated with a suggested Crack filling measure by Qualified Interior Wall Painting Services

    Surface Preparation

    The Wall Painting Ideas ensures the wall is free from dust and clean the area. When we are painting for the old surface, We need to scrub off the old paint and the plaster, with sandpaper for a dry finish. Cover all the regions like entryways, windows, furniture, wardrobes to be free from paint splatter.

    Beginning to paint

    We will fill up the door and window sidewall cracks by the caulking process. We will apply the putty for all sidewall cracks near the windows and door .Primer helps in paint coverage makes an uniform appearance and durability of the paint After priming, the surface needs to dry normally for a day, before painting over and provides Trusted Home Texture Painting Services in India.

    Let’s Paint

    The final finish is the Painting. We will first paint the Ceiling and next to the walls, the paint must dry after every single coat. The least 2 coats will be applied to accomplish a strong and steady layer. Paints that produce a smooth completion, may require an extra coat moreover ensuring Best Painters are the Best House Painters in Bangalore

    Our Recent Project

    Our Process

    Fresh Paint
    Re Painting

    1 Coat Primer⟶ 2 Coats of Putty⟶ 1 Coat of Primer
    ⟶ 2/3 Coats of Paint

    Touch up ⟶ 1 Coat of primer⟶ 2 Coats paints